The breastfeeding life chose me.
My daughter refused the bottle after trying what feels like every bottle and tip and trick in the book. Breastfeeding came somewhat easy for us but the bottle was a NIGHTMARE! Unsure of how I was going to return to work in a few weeks, I ultimately made the decision to leave my job and luckily found remote work just in time to balance motherhood with a career. It was during this challenging time that I began to yearn for something more. I was left with ounces and ounces of breastmilk and a daughter who just wouldn’t drink it. It was at this time that I began to research ways I can honor all of those hours of hard work I spent pumping. This is where DNA jewelry struck my interest and changed my life.
Crafting personalized keepsake pieces for myself and others has become an incredibly meaningful and fulfilling endeavor, one that allows me to honor the memories of the unique and special journeys that breastfeeding represents. I took it upon myself to sign up for jewelry making classes in order to perfect my expertise. DNA jewelry is not just about breastmilk. With practice, I have learned to also provide families with special keepsakes of family members passed on. I take great pride in the quality and care that goes into each and every piece, which I am honored to create as a way of giving new life to cherished memories. 
I also found solace in creating with ashes to honor my mother in law. It is so incredibly tough to lose a loved one, although this piece of jewelry brings comfort and peace in her remembrance. 
Breastfeeding my daughter has become really special to me. We are on a year plus journey with no end in sight at the moment and when it ends I have the keepsake jewelry to remind me of the long nights, the multitask feeds, the little smiles, her hand memorizing my face and falling asleep in my arms.
I am so honored to create a one of a kind special piece of a memory, whether it’s to remember the breastfeeding journey, a loved one, a special day or place and giving it a second life.
xo Brittany